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Reflective Thinking

  • Sector context
    Understands and references the organisational, regional and national contexts for heritage learning – eg educational, health, environmental, social.
  • Audiences/users
    Understands the range and needs of different heritage users and non-users.
  • Heritage context
    Understands the role, purpose and accountabilities of the heritage sector.
  • Professional development
    Reflects on and develops own practice and contributes to the development of others.

Technical Practice

  • Pedagogy
    Organises and delivers high quality, professional, educational activities, inspired by museum collections and heritage sites, that follow best practice.
  • Project Management
    Plans and implements projects and programmes that develop and enhance learning opportunities for users and non-users.
  • Sustainability & efficiency
    Uses resources efficiently and develops sustainable learning programmes.

Building Relationships

  • Communications
    Communicates effectively with users, non-users and stakeholders to engage, educate, influence and advocate.
  • Collaboration
    Works productively and creatively with others to enable and enhance learning opportunities.
  • Consultation
    Empathises, enquires and negotiates effectively to assess needs, agree programmes and engage partners.
  • Management & leadership
    Manages the heritage learning workforce to deliver high quality, professional learning programmes.

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