We are looking to expand our promotional image bank and would like to ask if any Museums and Heritage sites would be happy to share any museum-learning related images they may have that we can use for GEM’s promotional activities. This might include being featured on the website as an example of museum learning in progress, or being used in our newsletter, among other purposes.

© Little Liverpool


We would love to see high quality images that depict diverse audiences, with a mixture of ages and ethnicities and of both indoor and outdoor activities. This can include participants and museum learning practitioners- we’d love to show off our lovely members too!


© Tower Bridge


GEM will need full permission to use these images for marketing materials and website content and credit will of course be given whenever the images are shared. We hope this will be a great opportunity to promote your own activities as well as helping us to improve the quality and diversity of our image bank.



If you would like your images to be featured in GEM’s promotional materials, please send them to Jess Nicoll at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing what you have!

© Duncan Shields // Harrow Museum