Another week, another speaker spotlight! Bea Prosser-Snelling is the Strategic Manager for Artswork. She will be running a workshop on the philosophy of partnerships on Wednesday, the first day of GEM Conference 2019. Bea is from Canterbury and has over 12 years of experience working in museums and galleries. She is passionate about inquiry led learning and is trained in practical philosophy for children. Learn more about her here and do find her at GEM Conference 2019!



What are you most looking forward to at GEM Conference 2019?
“I haven’t been to GEM conference for ten years, so I am looking forward to seeing how things have changed … and catching up with some familiar faces!”

What is your favourite museum, gallery, or heritage site and why?
“Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker – it showcases Government preparations for a nuclear event during the Cold War. The atmosphere that it creates is genuinely terrifying, but it somehow remains very tongue-in-cheek and funny as well.”

What is your best heritage education top tip?
“Never ask children ‘guess what’s in my head’ questions, if you want them to learn a fact then just tell them. Instead ask questions that allow them to offer an opinion and be interested in the answers!”

Where can people find you at GEM Conference 2019?
“Delivering ‘The Philosophy of Partnerships’ workshop on Wednesday afternoon. Or at other times staring at the sea wondering if it is warm enough to swim…”

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