“I only want Budapest, where one jumps out of bed early, but cheerfully…” as the song says.

I don’t know that getting up early is great fun, but you can see how we love nostalgia, even with modern(ised) songs. With GEM in May 2020, your travels to Budapest can give you an opportunity to trace how historic buildings and important squares have changed since the thirties… Comparing and contrasting the old with the new.

People in Budapest really enjoy going to museums, especially for special events such as the Museums’ Fair on a mid-May weekend (this year it’s the 17-18th May). This event is hosted annually on the premises of the Hungarian National Museum. Museums gather from all over Hungary and present their offer in an interactive way; chatting and mingling with their audiences. This 100% free event is not only a joyful public gathering, but also an important event for museum professionals as the Museum of the Year Awards are given out at celebratory gathering. If you like both “kürtős kalács” (chimney cake) and culture, this is the place to combine culinary joy with cultural entertainment. (Last year’s pictures: https://muzeumokmajalisa.hu/galeria )

I think the current initiatives of Hungarian museums trying to become more entertaining whist remaining authentic learning places are duly acknowledged within this article. Therefore, within the days preceeding the Fair, we would like to show you these outstanding (and most often awarded) projects that are run by the following museums:

The Open Air Museum (Skanzen) in Szentendre is not only a museum, but also a Centre for Museum Education which initiates nationwide projects, publishes books and operates a national network of local organisers, similarly to GEM area reps. They are the reason why I chose to start the GEM Budapest study trip with them, to put you in touch with not only national, but also local museum educators. Here, you will hear about some of their special projects, such as their integrated camp for disabled and non-disabled youth, or the museum education sessions organised for mothers with their babies in the Vasarely Museum.

On the second day of the GEM Budapest Study Trip, you will be hosted by a national (the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism) and a municipal museum (Goldberger Textile Museum) in order to demonstrate how different types of institutions and restaurants can form a Heritage Quarter emphasizing the legacy of a famous writer (Gyula Krúdy) who once lived in that area. There will also be presentations by museum educators about working with VET schools on an international project. Volunteers will also share their experiences about working for The Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism.

In the Goldberger Textile Museum, participants will hear about the museum’s award winning project on the Holocaust titled What do I care?, and meet more museum educators from Budapest .This opportunity will provide a platform to discuss topics such as the usage of digital tools, community involvement and working with disadvantaged groups.

In the evenings, there will be further networking opportunities and culinary delights in popular restaurants of Budapest.

Come and meet us in May!

Anikó Korenchy-Misz, GEM European Convenor
Foundation for Museums and Visitors, Hungary


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