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GEM has received £15,000 in support from Nimrod Capital to enable GEM to connect the sector and learn together and ensure the continuation of the One To One Mentoring Programme. GEM’s One to One Mentoring Programme exists to support learning professionals in the museums and heritage sector with their professional development. Since the programme launched in Spring 2020 it has facilitated over 250 mentoring partnerships, which have enabled professionals to connect and learn during this difficult time for the sector. Mentoring takes place online between senior museum professionals and GEM members with learning roles in museums and heritage sites, providing them with the opportunity to share knowledge, develop their confidence and think about the next steps in their career. The programme has a particular emphasis for supporting career development as the sector emerges from the Covid-19 lockdown and recalibrates for new forms of learning and education, as well as providing relief for those who have felt isolated whether working or furloughed. This new funding will ensure that GEM is able to plan ahead for three more years of mentoring, enabling them to provide essential support and ongoing training and development opportunities for learning professionals in museums and heritage sites.

Richard Bolchover and Marc Gordon of Nimrod Capital say: 

“Nimrod Capital is delighted to support the GEM One to One Mentoring Programme to connect the museums and heritage sector in learning and sharing together. We recognise that throughout the COVID-19 pandemic learning professionals have experienced significant challenges and uncertainty. As frequent supporters of GEM’s mission to connect and learn together, we are pleased to provide much-needed support and guidance through this highly impactful mentoring scheme.” 

GEM is incredibly grateful to have received this vital funding, which will enable them to build on the success of previous rounds of the One to One Mentoring Programme and continue to facilitate professional development within the sector.



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