What is #museum5aday?
We all know that museums are great places to help our visitors’ well-being. We have amazing objects that are beautiful and awe-inspiring. Both the objects and the spaces of museums can have a greatly beneficial effect on a person’s well-being.

BUT … how good are we at ensuring our own well-being?
By taking care of our own well-being we can make sure we are well placed to help with our visitors’ well-being. We all know how hard museum staff work and many positions in museums, even within large museums can be quite isolating and it is very easy to work through lunchtimes and work extra days for TOIL (time off in lieu) that we know we might be able to take. There are a lot of pressures within museums and the current political and economic situations are likely to ensure this continues.

SO … it is EXTREMELY important that we look after our own well-being. #museum5aday is a simple way to help do this. It is based totally on #teacher5aday, that is aimed at helping teachers deal with the pressures within their industry, and taking inspiration and ideas from the New Economics 5 ways to well-being project.

The 5 ways to well-being are about taking time for yourself to
#connect -get together with colleagues, friends or family
#notice – take joy in the small (and great) things around you
#learn – try something new/widen your horizons
#exercise – do something physical
#volunteer – do something for others