Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust consists of ten museums and heritage sites, set in the World Heritage Site of Ironbridge, Shropshire. We tell the story of the birth of the industrial revolution and the changes that it brought to the local area, the nation and the world.

The ten sites are:

Blists Hill Victorian Town
The Museum of Iron
Coalport China Museum
Jackfield Tile Museum
Broseley Pipe Works
The Toll House and Iron Bridge
The Museum of the Gorge
The Tar Tunnel
Darby Houses

Information on all of these can be found here:

Learning at IGMT:

We are an educational charity and as such learning is central to everything that we do.  We run schools programmes for all key stages at Blists Hill Victorian Town, Enginuity, Coalport China Museum and Jackfield Tile Museum, with History, Science, Technology and Design, and Art as the basis of the programmes.  Our Lifelong Learning Manager is new in post, following a period of about a year with no one in that role, so much of the current work is around bringing the learning programme as a whole up to date, developing partnerships with schools and other organisations, and making our sites as accessible as we can.  To this end we had recently begun a regular Early Bird opening for families with Autism and had trialled some sessions for the under-fives – we were due to launch Enginuity Explorers on April 3rd but circumstance put paid to that!