Lynn Museum was founded in 1844 and opened in its current venue in 1904. The museum tells the story of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk from the Bronze Age to the present day over three rooms, We are the home of Seahenge, a Bronze Age timber circle found at Holm-next-the-Sea.

The museum has about 55, 000 objects and our learning programme always starts with our objects and the questions ‘Why learn about it here? What makes our museum the best place to explore this story?’ This means we are finding the Lockdown challenging – trying to stay true to our core beliefs and what makes our learning programme Lynn-specific from afar.

The Education Skills Sharing Session will cover the following questions/topics:

  • What activities are you doing in lockdown?
  • How are we keeping in touch with each other?
  • Ethics of contemporary collecting.
  • Thinking about storage – any museums done similar projects and can advise?
  • How are you gamifying your offer on social media?
  • How are we staying true to what makes our museum special/unique?
  • What are our key objects and stories?
  • How to encourage engagement?
  • Importance of good digital archive  – hat tip to the curators, staff and volunteers before us who have done the work.
  • Keeping in contact with schools.

Join in on Tuesday, 28 April from 15:00-17:00 on the @gem_heritage Twitter account!