GEM 2020 AGM Keynote Speaker and Consultant specialising in museums, sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals, climate education and action, ecology and nature conservation, leadership and strategy has debuted a guide on Museums and Human Rights, and how museums can use them as a guide to their decision-making. Read more below, download and share your thoughts with us! @gem_heritage

Museums and human rights

Back in 1958, Eleanor Roosevelt asked ‘Where, after all, do human rights begin? In small places close to home…’ This guide explores how human rights are related to many of the activities of museums, and how museums can use human rights-based approaches as a basis for decision making about what kind of programmes to run, about what, and for whom. The guide is free, but you can make a donation if you like. The guide has been developed by Henry McGhie, who runs the Liverpool-based museum consultancy Curating Tomorrow, and complements other guides on sustainable development themes.

The guide can be downloaded at this link: