Learning and Sharing Centre project

Thanks to £168,000 of Arts Council England resilience funding, GEM has established a new Learning and Sharing Centre (LSC) for all those in the cultural sector that are involved in education. The aim of the LSC is to meet the needs of today’s workforce by equipping them with the skills they need.

The LSC will empower GEM to provide the best continuing professional development possible for heritage educators, advocate for the value of heritage education and increase awareness and routes into heritage education for those in and out of the heritage sector.

GEM’s Learning and Sharing Centre is building upon existing best practice to provide training and continuing professional development at all levels linked to  GEM’s competency framework. This framework underpins GEM’s training programme and outlines the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of the heritage learning professional.

Over the last 12 months the LSC project has enabled GEM to develop and run

  • A foundation course in heritage education
  • Five intermediate courses for heritage educators, looking at working with artists, health and wellbeing, interpretive planning, project management and essentials of leadership
  • An advanced workshop for museum leaders on managing heritage educators
  • A series of online resources for educators and interested parties at a variety of levels
  • An online signpost for heritage education training opportunities
  • A new, modernised GEM website
  • A business model for a stronger, more active and sustainable GEM
  • Five regional mapping events to establish the learning and training needs across the country
  • Nine sharing events across the country to spread awareness of the LSC
  • A final sharing conference and special edition of Case Studies
  • A formative and summative evaluation

To accomplish this, GEM is working with a series of partners and collaborators, whose various strengths contribute to the content and delivery of the project:
Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums
South West Federation of Museums
Association for Heritage Interpretation
National Alliance for Museums, Health & Wellbeing
Association of Independent Museums

GEM is also working with its area convenors and other advisory bodies to plan the long-term future of GEM, ensuring ideas and needs nationwide are understood and addressed by GEM throughout its work.


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