Journal of Education in Museums (JEM) back issues

JEM 42 (2021) Latest Issue

Editorial Dr Eirini Gkouskou
Getting Back Together Again – Review of GEM Conference 2021 Jenny Pistella
Leaders, Levers and Learners: Black, Asian and Minority Perspectives and the New Curriculum in Wales Professor Charlotte Williams OBE
Understanding and Reducing Inequalities in Museum Visiting Mark O’Neil
Supporting Climate Empowerment Through Museums and Museum Education Henry McGhie
What Makes a Leader and Who Gets to Decide? Jonathan Mayes
The Real Thing: Engaging Young People with Art and Heritage Tamsin Greaves
Applied Theatre Practice as a Tool for Community History and Heritage Education Michelle Hinkson-Cox and Kaye Hall
GEM Italy: Developing a GEM International Branch in Partnership with Local Sector Organisations and Networks GEM Italy (Emily Grassi, Martino Margheri, Maria Antonia Rinaldi)
A Transformative Use of Digital Artefacts for Museum Education Before and After COVID-19 Yuanxi Xiu (Sissi)
Book Reviews
Jack Shoulder
Caroline Lang and John Reeve

JEM 41 (2020)

Editorial Neil Herrington and Caroline Marcus
Learning and Engagement Manifesto David Anderson
Transforming Our World, One Museum at a Time Henry McGhie
Environmental Literacy- Lessons from Museums, Galleries and Heritage Sites Chasna Harper
Decolonisation & Anti-Racism in British Heritage Institution Yasmin Downie 
What can we learn from museum educators about how to engage with refugees? Sara Rayment
Qatar Children’s Museum Museum-in-Residence-Programme Alexandra Bennett, Clara Lim, Eman Abdullah, Haya Al Thani
Neurodiversity and the New ‘Normal’ Lydia Shacklock
A Mixed Methodological Case Study on Museum Experience, Museum Memory and Museum Learning Jinyu Zhang
Book Reviews
Dr. Anna Garnett
Sophie Smith Sachdeva
Bill Bevan

JEM 40 (2019) Early Years

Editorial Neil Herrington
Editorial Nicola Wallis, Kate Noble and Lawrence Bradby
Museum and Gallery Learning in the Early Years Manchester Art Gallery: Co-designing and space for early years children and service delivery Katy McCall and Ruthie Boycott-Garnett
Embodied Learning in Museums: exhibit design for preschool scientists Jamie Menzies, Dr Zayba Ghazali-Mohammed, Dr Sharon Macnab, Susan Meikleham, Graham Rose and Dr Andrew Manches
Curiouser and curiouser: exploring what makes an effective EYFS visit to a museum or gallery in the Tees Valley Claire Pounder and Jo Graham
Rocky road to chocolate fudge cake: How do we change the outcomes for children across a whole city? Kate Fellows
Nelson, Narrative and National Identity: A Contested History? Tanya Wilson
The learning value or a fashion exhibition Dr Eleni Kostarigka
The CWGC Experience: how a much-loved institution at the heart of remembrance has found a new way to tell its story to the next generation Peter Francis
GEM Conference 2019 Devon Turner Helen Henley, Kathrin Lewis and Becky Russell
Book reviews
Lauren Mihaljek
Ruthie Boycott-Garnett

JEM 39 (2018) Past, Present and Future

Editorial Neil Herrington
Teaching race and the British Empire: taking the West India Regiments into the classroom Melissa Bennett
Every Day is a School Day: Museum Learning at The Langley Academy Mathew Britten
Make yourself uncomfortable Tony Butler
Should I stay or should I go? Museums and heritage staff development and student learning from the Erasmus+ international mobility programme Steven Murray
Not learning but becoming: a revolution in museum education Rhian Tritton
Quality assurance of excellence in heritage learning: a project commissioned for the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Luton Education Forum Cathy Silmon
Including audiences and embracing talent: sharing learning from the Cultural Inclusion and Creative Bridges conferences, 2018 Holly Bee
Book reviews
Lauren Mihaljek
Alexandra Fitzsimmons

JEM 38 (2017) Facing the Future, Forging Ahead

Editorial Neil Herrington
Perceived impacts of the Learning Volunteer Programme at the Natural History Museum Jennifer DeWitt, Oomar Dhuru and Dai Lee
Making museums in unexpected places Alice Merry
The Power of Education 19-22 June 2017, Paris Holly Bee
Enrichment of entitlement? How can museums work with schools to ensure that all children benefit from the transformative nature of museum learning? Anita Kerwin-Nye
Impacts and legacy of a City of Culture Simon Green
GEM Conference 2017 Reports
Book review
Holly Bee

JEM 37 (2016) Adapt & Thrive

Editorial Neil Herrington
Museum Learning and Wellbeing Nuala Morse, Krisztina Lackoi and Helen Chatterjee
Why change fails (and what YOU can do about it) Piotr Bienkowski
Children interpreting and learning at Natural History Museum habitat dioramas Edward Mifsud
Making a bigger difference in a cold climate Mark O’Neill and Duncan Dornan
Multi-Faith & Culture Museum – opening the minds and hearts of young people Arvind Batra and Sarah Barnes
A spotlight on GEM London’s Twilight CPD Programme Sally Sculthorpe, Jenny Wedgbury and Laura Lewis-Davies
Adapt and Thrive Mhairi Cross
Museums without Borders: A Manifesto Robert R. Janes – Keynote address for the GEM Conference 2016
GEM Conference 2016 Reports
Book reviews
John Reeve

JEM 36 (2015) Measuring the Magic: Impact and quality of heritage education

Editorial Neil Herrington
Heritage and the public health: Releasing the wellbeing held in museums Robin Philipp and Pamela Thorne
Impact and the cultural object: the aesthetic third Lynn Froggett
Museums, citizens and sustainable solutions Ida Braendholt Lundgaard
Using Music as a tool for gallery engagement Tempe Nell
Ensuring cultural trips have the desired impact on learning Rebecca Hale
GEM Conference 2015 Reports
Book reviews
John Reeve

JEM 35 (2014)  Enterprising educators

Editorial John Reeve
Chairs address at GEM Conference 2014 Nick Winterbotham
GEM Conference 2014 Reports
Toddlers in the Museum Dr Abigail Hackett
What is our role in helping young people into employment? David Judd
Putting principles into practice Jo Graham
Deepening the remit of education Laura Lanin, Chloe Bent, Annabel Jackson, Paddy McNulty, Judy Willcocks and Dr Helen Chatterjee
Book reviews
John Reeve and Sean Curran

JEM 34 (2013)  People Power

Editorial John Reeve
GEM Conference 2013
What people can do: Appreciating the value of volunteers Dr Justin Davis Smith CBE
The relationship between volunteering and well-being in later life: Patterns and determinants Professor James Nazroo
Getting educational establishments engaging with their local communities Paul Manners
Horizontal Museums: Opening up by imagining differently Dr Helen Graham
Conference reports
GEM Travel Bursary Study Visit to Sweden October 2012 Report by Marion Blockley
Working with prisoners – the stretch project Carlotta Goulden
Book reviews
John Reeve

JEM 33 (2012)  Making the Case

Editorial John Reeve
From the chair Nick Winterbotham
GEM Conference 2012
Building and advocating a successful case Sue Wilkinson
Evidence-based policy or policy-based evidence? Sam Cairns
Cultural learning in museums: an argument for value? Wendy Earle
Beyond the bottom line: Evidencing the impacts of a heritage institution Fiona Hutchison
A question of context: Making the case for cultural heritage education in the UK and India Bridget McKenzie and Eliza Hilton
React. Act. Moving towards a museum-wide strategy for working with universities Tina Corri
The museum through queer eyes Sean Curran
A is for America – A whirl-wind visit to the East Coast of the United Sates, October 2011 Alison Lightbrown, GEM Travel Bursary recipient 2011
Conference reports
Book reviews
John Reeve

JEM 32 (2011)  Thinking ahead and staying afloat

Editorial John Reeve
The GEM enlightenment Nick Winterbotham
GEM Conference 2011
The issues for learning in Norfolk and beyond Vanessa Trevelyan
Funding for a sustainable future Carole Souter
Re-imagining the museum Tony Butler
Schools, museums and impact learning Terry Haydn
Museums and lifelong learning Tom Schuller
Workshops and breakout sessions
Trends in current museum learning
Early years: a growing audience for museums and galleries Jo Graham
The Geffrye’s Young People’s Programme Rachael Crofts
Shaping the Future: Renaissance East Midlands project Kate Travers et al
GEM Bursary report
Museums engaging with sustainability issues Lucy Hockley
Book reviews
John Reeve

JEM 31 (2010)  Young People and Heritage

Editorial John Reeve
Seeing the whole picture Jayne Ambrose
Interpretation and interactivity for families in art galleries in the USA Alexandra Woodall
The Madeleine Mainstone Trust Geoffrey Opie
Young children in museums: Designing settings for meaningful experiences Camilla Rossi-Linnemann
Teacher’s pets: How the V&A and Harewood House offer two schools of experience when it comes to learning Jennifer McCrea
GEM 2010 Conference reports

JEM 30 (2009)  Engaging Diverse Communities

Editorial John Reeve
Keynote: Democratic Heritage David Fleming
Keynote: To the core – embedding work with diverse communities Rita McLean
Keynote: Representing diversity through heritage – challenges for heritage practice and education Rodney Harrison
Keynote: Has diversity come of age? Reflections on twenty years of museum practice in Britain and beyond Nick Stanley
Community Engagement: Why are community voices still unheard? Ian Blackwell
Campaign! Make an Impact or how museums can give young people a voice Alison Bodley
The diversity of communities and cultures of the countryside Veronica Sekules
Acknowledging Diversity: Museums and LGBTQ History Stuart Frost
Reports from Conference Workshops and Visits

JEM 29 (2008) Learning through heritage

Editorial John Reeve and Jenny Wedgbury co-editors
Heritage learning: addressing contemporary social evils Julia Unwin
Heritage, culture and identity Richard Simmons
Learning at the heart of culture: implications for the heritage sector John Holden
Delivering learning in a historic building: a Dutch perspective. Judikje Kiers
Bringing history to life: the role of heritage in education Tracy Borman
Putting people in their place: the link between citizenship and heritage Don Henson
Learning in Sacred Space Joyce Miller
The involved visitor: the volunteer Izabella Csordás
Valuing Volunteers Shelley Mullane
Heritage and heritage learning: an introductory bibliography Co-editors

JEM 28 (2007) Every audience matters

Editorial John Reeve
Measuring learning in museums: the research and its findings Eilean Hooper-Greenhill
‘I didn’t know you could do that!’ Opening doors to ESOL students in Leeds Justine Reilly
The social impact of museums: actively reducing crime Katy Archer
Creative Heritage and having a good time Ruth Clarke
Eyes grown far sighted with the passage of time: reflections on the globalising tendencies of museums Henrietta Lidchi

JEM 27 (2006) Thinking out of the box

Editorial John Reeve
Going Global: GEM and UNESCO Richard Ennals
Reading the city: tangible and intangible heritage in London Jenny Wedgebury
The Tibet Museum: a case study of a museum by a community-in-exile Rinku Mitra
Across the board: around the world in 18 games Kate Pontin

JEM 26 (2005) Learning organisations: embracing change

Training ‘museology’ students in the  Netherlands  Nico Halbertsma (Madeleine Mainstone Memorial Lecture)
Museological knowledge, recreational learning and the audience in the vertebrate palaeontology gallery – A Changing World: Dinosaurs, Diversity and Drifting Continents,  Museum of Texas Tech University Yun Shun Susie Chung
Hybrid digital-physical exhibitions: Creating new possibilities for education through novel computing in museums Tony Hall, Liam Bannon, Luigina Ciofi & Eamonn Murphy
The Ancients’ Appliance of Science: An innovative approach to developing pupils’ understanding of culturally defining technology. Philip Stephenson, Frances Sword & Paul Warwick
Learning Organisations: Embracing Change  (notes on Proceedings of GEM Conference 2005)
Challenge and Change Councillor Ken Thornber
Embracing Change in a Political Context David Lammy
The shift towards a more rigorous learning agenda  Keith Nichol
Everybody in? Museums and galleries from a family perspective  Dea Birkett
Creative thinking at work  Nigel Newman
A personal perspective (on museums in war and the need to preserve archives)  Kate Adie OBE

JEM 25 (2004) Healing division

Museum: Heal thyself David Anderson
Healing division: Do museums have a role?Sir Kenneth Bloomfield KCB
Divided loyalties in Northern Ireland: Unionist and Nationalist perceptions of history and culture in Northern Ireland Dan McCall
Roaming through the jungle of ‘oohs’ and ’ahs’ Chris Bailey
Sanctuary – Contemporary art and human rights Victoria Hollows
Divided societies and museums Duncan Morrow
Researching the children’s meaning making of first person interpretation programmes Vasiliki Tzibazi
Out of school hours learning – Why we should be doing more Tara Walker
Interpreting historic houses and period rooms: A study of problems and potential Catherine Littlejohns
Learning through culture: Impact of phase 2 of Museums and Galleries Education Programme Julie Street
Notes on proceedings of GEM conference 2004 in Belfast: Welcome given to conference delegates in Stormont Jane Morris

JEM 24 (2003) Representation

Representation and exhibition  Tony Bennett
Putting education at the heart of a museum  Claire Adler
A personal perspective on representation  Jasmin Alibhai-Brown (Madeleine Mainstone Lecture)
Personal thoughts on GEM Conference  Samantha Heywood
Hot and sweaty in the museum:  Young children learning about nature, culture and science Katrina Weier & Barbara Piscitelli
Creative community initiatives for young people  Sarah Greenhalgh
Show or tell?  Pete Brown   (Bursary Report)
Museum education as a product: Who Is buying?  Nicky Boyd  (Bursary Report)
Observations made by primary children at skeleton exhibits in a natural history museum Sue Dale Tunnciliffe & Angela La Grange Scott

JEM 23 (2002) Making the difference

Taking a wider view of museum outcomes and experiences: theory, research and magic.  Lois H Silverman, Ph.D.
What would museums be like if they took education seriously?  Mark O Neill
Evaluation of cultural understanding through a museum exhibition: How do children discover Japan? Yuka Inoue
War – What is the big picture?  Samantha Heywood
The Craftplay approach to Reggio  Emilia Nicki Brookes & Anne Hardy
Art and personal meaning: Partnerships with the public  Deborah Tout-Smith
Access through interpretation: Creating effective learning environments in museums Heather MacDonald
Living history: Cultural policy, museum strategy and learning response  Peter Aronsson & Erika Larsson
Notes of GEM Conference 2002: Making the difference: Museums and galleries as accessible resources for learning
3 – 7 September 2002, National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh

JEM 22 (2001) Working in partnership

The Cross Sectorial Agenda and the Development of Resource’s Learning and Access Standard  Sue Wilkinson
Museums and Libraries: A cultivated synergy  Beverly Sheppard
Resource: The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries Resource’s Sector Ian Blakewell
Working with Libraries in Tyne and Wear Museums  Helen Sinclair
Interactive Art Exhibitions: an overview of development in the USA  Moira Simpson  Illustrated Summary
What’s the Story? Objects and Stories, Curators and Educators  Judy Schlagen
Live Interpretation Pilot Evaluation Scheme  Verity Walker

JEM 21 (2000) Museum and gallery INSET, The interpretation of prehistory in museums

Museum and Gallery INSET: Teachers’ Attitudes and Priorities Vicky Woollard & Kate Pontin
The Interpretation of Prehistory in Museums Rhiannon Gaskell
Presentations and session write-ups from the GEM Conference 2000, Responding to the challenge of the Learning Age:
Wednesday 30 August
Thursday 31 August
Friday 1 September
GEM’s new constitution

JEM 20 (1999) Developing new audiences, understanding social inclusion

Developing new audiences – some issues and dilemmas  Roderick Davies
The People’s Gallery, Newcastle: Greetings from Cowgate  Helen Sinclair and Zoe Brown
Cultural Diversity Network Caroline Lang
Opening the Doors Suzanne Rider and Sue Werner
‘There must have been lots of blood around it’ – audience development in the North East  Ian Blackwell
Social Inclusion in Scotland  Frances Heygi
Museum on the Move – a mobile museum for three rural countries  Claudia Hart
Rural Social Inclusion and Local Authority Museums Julie Allsop
Visitor Studies Conference, Chicago 1999  Jem Frasier
Bienvenue a Wigan Pier  Marilyn Sumner
Teaching Teachers about museums  Samantha Heywood

JEM 19 (1998) The past, present and future of museum education

50 years: the development of a profession Vicky Woollard
GEM newsletters from 1954 to 1987: the everyday life of museum education officers Jacqueline Roberts
Reading between the lines Annette Stannet
Museum education and the school curriculum Richard Woff
Planning for early learning in museums and galleries Jo Graham
Exploring and investigating the internet: virtually as good as the real thing? Roy Hawkey
Working with visually impaired people in museums and galleries: but how? Joleen Keizer
Art at first hand: using tactile pictures to teach art history to people who are blind and partially sighted Rebecca McGinnis and Linda Pring
Using museums to teach language and literature: three projects at the Geffrye Museum Vicky Mills
Museums, adults and lifelong learning John Reeve
Education: a whole museum policy Helen Sinclair
Museums, education and youth: lessons from the present Maria Xanthoudaki and David Anderson
The internet: who needs it? Martin Bazley
A Centre for Museum and Gallery Education: a proposal awaiting a response Eilean Hooper-Greenhill
A Director’s view of the future of museum education Peter Sarl

JEM 18 (1997) Research into learning in museums

Museum learners as active post-modernists: contextualising constructivism Eilean Hooper-Greenhill
Becoming constructivist museum educators Francine Peterman
Thinking dispositions and museum learning Shari Tishman
Museums and literacy: a natural partnership Lon Dubinsky
The role of physical context in museum learning John H Falk and Lynn D Dierking
Learning in museums: the Internet as a research and data-gathering tool David E Gray
‘Is that silly woman still following us?’ Researching informal family visits to the Natural History Museum Jean Cooper
Talking to each other: conversations between carers and children in an exhibition Kate Pontin
Yet another missed opportunity? Primary school visits to natural history museums Sue Dale Tunnicliffe
Making the most of schools visits: interactions between school helpers and children in a hands-on science gallery Christine A Brown with Anne Oliver and Martin Bazley
Educational or just fun? The perceptions of children and their families in a child-oriented museum exhibition Denise C Studart
Museum and gallery educational programmes: learning processes and contribution to art education Maria Kanthoudaki
Young childrens’ learning from objects: research in Marischal Museum Neil Curtis
Student work placements: ‘sending in the cavalry?’ Janet Owen, Robin Johnson and Su Booth

JEM 17 Partnerships

Partnerships: for better, for richer? Hazel Moffat
Analysing partnerships Roland Jackson and Alison Porter
Forging partnerships Sue Wilkinson
Partnerships with stakeholders Sally Montgomery
Joining forces: a freelance museum educators’ scheme across the East Midlands Jocelyn Dodd
MAGIC partners Frances Sword
Delivering museum education in Fife Marion Wood
International initiatives Rebecca McGinnis
Partnership: the freelancer and the museum Alison James
Museum education departments and initial teacher training: a developing partnership Hilary Claire
Partners with Education Business Partnerships Stephen Manion
CaBSS, Catalyst and Business Supporting Schools: a museum–industry partnership in action Rose Froud
Partners to be? Annette Stannett
Partnerships: Henry Cole, the South Kensington Museum, design and industry Geoffrey Opie
Partnerships in museum education Valerie Bott
Museum training and museum education Chris Newbery
Update on the National Report on Museum Education David Anderson and Caroline Lang

JEM 16 The Ages of Learning

Community education: The People’s Choice exhibition series at Sunderland Museum and Art Gallery Helen Sinclair
Using the museum as a context for vocational courses Jo Birch
The under fives at Walsall Museum and Art Gallery Alison Cox
Art gallery education: have we progressed? Frances Borzello
Experiments in putting learning theory into practice Sheila Watson
Hands on! Research into learning with objects in Marischal Museum Neil Curtis and Janet Goolnik
Did you hear, Grandad? Children’s and adult’s understanding of a sound exhibit at interactive science centres Terence P McClafferty
What do zoos and museums have to offer young children for learning about animals? Sue Dale Tunnicliffe and Jonathan Osborne
Learning in museums: objects, models and text John Gilbert
The constructivist museum George E Hein
With children in mind Hazel Moffat
An explosion of provision at the Science Museum Roland Jackson and Alison Porter
The All Hands interactive gallery at the National Maritime Museum Barbara Reid and Vicky Cave
Supplement: Museum Education Bibliography 1993–1994 Annette Stannett

JEM 15 Learning theories and museums

Thinking skills and museum education Anne Tynan
Time passed in museums Rosemary Linnell
Learning theories and museums: using and addressing pupils’ minitheories Chris Husbands
Points of contact Frances Sword
GEM design for learning project. Its relevance to practice – a personal response Sheila Watson
Learning through the Science Museum Roland Jackson and Katherine Hann
Display experiments at the Whitworth Art Gallery Sarah Hyde
Learning in museums: situated cognition in practice Mary Priest and John Gilbert
The enquiring visitor: usable learning theory for museum contexts Terry Russell
Museum education and the national curriculum: the ‘authorised’ and ‘revised’ versions of the history order Robert Unwin
Evaluation, learning and museums Rob McBride and David Bridges
Heritage socialisation: the potential influence of the school visit Ian Baxter
Art and Society, schools and art galleries Sara Selwood
Supplement – Museum Education Bibliography 1992 -1993: an update to the 1978-1989 Bibliography, Annette Stannett

JEM 14 Education as a core function

Community education: the evening class experience Don Henson, Mark Hall and Pam Judkins
Lives of their own Graham Wilkinson
The Access to Image project: cultural representation and disability issues Val Green
The adult visitor Annette Stannett
Getting to grips with Japan Richard Stotham
Fun for the young and the not so young at the National Gallery of Ireland’s exhibition Children’s Art: a Celebration Marie Bourke
A jungle in Southend: the pre-school Look at Life exhibition Sue Aldridge
A night of science Jenny Davison
Handling collections: a whole-museum issue Mama Hinton
Museums, history teaching and economic and industrial awareness Ruth Watts
Improving the visitor experience: lessons from Dutch open air museums Janet Ahlberg
The Stockholm – Yorkshire exchange Ian Paterson
Supplement – Museum Education Bibliography 1991-1992: an update to the 1978-1989 Bibliography, Annette Stannett

JEM 13 Contemporary concerns

Objects, evidence and learning: some thoughts on meaning and interpretation in museum education Chris Husbands
Six points to successful sponsorship Antoinette Moses
Archive film, education and museums Cathy Terry
Beyond Museums: objects and cultures David Anderson
Expression and engagement Adrian Plant
The educator as museum professional Tim Heyburn
The unknown soldier Lindsay Show Art gallery education in Leicestershire Adrienne Avery-Gray
What are the differences between ‘objects’ and ‘documents’ as historical sources and what is the value of using objects? Susan Morris and Sue Wilkinson
What museum educators can learn from ‘heritage projects’ Sheila Watson
Whose museum is it anyway? Jocelyn Dodd
Body adornment Claire Wright
Chinese Homes Steve Hemming
The M40 Project Paul McKee
Supplement – Museum Education Bibliography 1990-1991:an update to the 1978-1989 Bibliography. Annette Stannett

JEM 12 Current issues

The past, the present and the future: museum education from the I 790s to the 1990s Eilean Hooper-Greenhill
Museum visitor research : a critical overview Paulette McManus
Museum text: accessibility and relevance Helen Coxall
Museum education: adapting to change in South Africa Janet Hall
From the Arctic to the Middle East: three multi-cultural programmes at the Museum of Mankind John Reeve and Penny Bateman
Museums in education: a course for teachers at Warwick University Moira Simpson
On with the show! Model theatres and the National Curriculum Polly Penrose
KEY: resources for schools Peter Stibbons Family favourites: do I have to do a worksheet, Mum? Michael, Maureen, Catherine and Fiona Hopkinson
Supplement – Museum Education Bibliography 1989 -1990: an update to the 1978-1988 Bibliography Annette Stannett

JEM 11 Recent research

Teaching 8-year olds how to interpret evidence using historical concepts Hilary Cooper
Pupils’ perception of museum education sessions Marilyn Ingle
Education, evaluation and exhibitions: an outline of current thought and work on Merseyside Paul Rees, David Thomas and Sharon Brown
Interactive science centre and the National Curriculum Norman Tomlin
A sense of time and the National Curriculum: an activity for infants in a museum Janine Gregory and Janet Heath
Museum learning a family focus Richard Wood
Ethnology and folk history in museum education Gillian Bardsley
Writing a museum education policy John Carter
Period classroom re-creations David Eddershaw
Supplement – Museum Education Bibliography 1988-1989:an update to the 1978-1988 Bibliography Annette Stannett

JEM 10 Transport museums

Cycle clips Helen Sinclair
Secondary school visit levels Trevor Lord
Wheels project at the Birmingham Museum of Science and Industry Jan Anderson
The magician’s road David Mosley
The Edwardian extravaganza Bill Chapman
Education on a shoestring Peter van Zeller
A travelling exhibition: ‘Painting in focus: the Aran fisherman’s drowned child’ Marie Bourke
Improving worksheets Gail Durbin Visions of other cultures: current practices in Dutch museum education Moira Simpson

JEM 9 Drama and role play

A sharp intake of breath David Sorrell
Lessons from a Neanderthal? Anthony Ogg
Role play or role work in the classroom Gill Tanner
How do you clean a chandelier? Barbara Roberts
The hour of the dragon Emily Leach
Communicating the message: drama and role play in art galleries Sue Clive and Lucy Wilson
Active learning and museum education Ann Whitlock
What value ‘living history’? Peter Stone
Murder or an act of war? The use of drama for GCSE History John Airs and Chris Ball
Mr Jarvis, vacuum cleaners and Puffing Billy: interpretive drama at the Science Museum Geraint Thomas
The reindeer lady’s story: living prehistory Roger Jenkinson
Acting up at the gallery: portraits and improvisation Susan Morris

JEM 8 Museum education today

Cables of communication Stewart Coulter
Practical courses for teachers Gail Durbin
Museum education comes of age Eilean Hooper-Greenhill
Something for all the family Elizabeth Newbery
The Sussex time-machine Brian Phelan
Playgroups and museums Katrina Siliprandi
Change: a constant theme Margaret Beaumont and Tony Stevens
The philosophy behind Launch Pad John Stevenson
Museums and the history teacher Tim Lomas
New opportunities for museums with the new curriculum Sue Millar
Museum education and the power to change attitudes Trudy Pankhurst Green
Approaches for implementing change Ian Paterson
Yes, but what can we do about GCSE? Nick Winterbotham

JEM 7 Multicultural education

Multicultural education and the role of the museum Moira Simpson
The dark towers of Newstead Abbey Nick Winterbotham
The Thunderbird carving program at the British Columbia Provincial Museum Kevin Neary
Slaughtering the golden calves Anthony Ogg
A multicultural clientele in a mono-cultural resource Gillian Wolfe Multicultural work at the British Museum John Reeve
Museum education: presenting cultural diversity Eric Wilmot

JEM 6 Teaching teachers

Museum training at the University of Leicester Eilean Hooper-Greenhill
The museums studies course at the Sainsbury Centre Veronica Sekules
How do you begin? Museum work with undergraduates and initial teacher training students in British and American institutions Jean Gooding
The art museum as classroom in the training of art and design teachers Sheila Paine
A joint enterprise Hazel Moffat
Teaching science teachers to use museums Bert Sorsby
Training teachers to use historic buildings for education purposes Alison Heath
The usefulness of school visits: a study Mike Pond
Museum Studies: a mode 3 CSE course at the National Portrait Gallery Susan Morris
The evidence in hand John West
Fashion costume and the National Gallery of Ireland Marie Bourke

JEM 5 Museum education abroad 2

Austria Heiderose Hildebrand
Spain A Garcia Blancoa and T Sanz Marquinat
German Democratic Republic Kurt Patzwall
Hungary Maria Bezzeg
Using the collections: teachers’ courses in American museums Jean Gooding

JEM 4 Museum education abroad 1

Australia Patricia McDonald
Ecuador: travelling exhibitions Lucia Astudillo de Cueva
Finland Raijoarvela
Greece Eurydice Antzoulatou-Retsila
Israel Aviva Barnea
Kenya Lucy Ndegwa
New Zealand Constance Hall
Norway Christian Andersen
Sweden Skans Torsten Nilsson
Switzerland Miroslav Lazovic
Tanzania Michael Mbago
USA Mary Alexander and Carolyn Blackman
Yugoslavia Ljerka Kanizaj

JEM 3 Museums and environmental education

Heveningham and after John Fairclough
The vicious circle Anne Pearson
Horniman Museum special interest centre John Baldwin
Weaver in residence Maureen Lochrie
Writers in the community Gail Durbin
Dark towers Kevin Berry
Horniman Museum and primary schools Mary Mellors
Projects in open air museums Jennifer Costigan
Schools radio: one museum’s involvement Andy Lane
Regional round up

JEM 2 Techniques in museum education

Education in glass case museums John Reeve
Education in art galleries Angela Cox
The one man band Gary Stewart
Science/Technology museums and education J A Freeborn
Museum loan service Ann Dawson
Audio-visual techniques in museum education M B Alt
A mobile for the teacher Paul Rees
Dramatic approaches to museum education Tony Stevens

JEM I History of museum education in the UK

Museum education 1948-1963 Barbara Winstanley
The past twenty years Victoria Airey
Museum education in 1980 Elizabeth Goodhew
Talking points: Science education and museums John Bainbridge
Museum learning I M Paterson
Loan services David Sorrell
Museum education and leisure Graham Carter

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