Developing a Foundation for Quality Guidance

Author: Rachel Blanche, Blanche Policy Solutions

Owner Creative Scotland

Date published 2014

Developing a Foundation for Quality Guidance: for arts organisations and artists in Scotland working in participatory settings’ was commissioned through Creative Learning in Creative Scotland. It was linked to the work of ArtWorks: developing practice in participatory settings, and in particular the ArtWorks Scotland pathfinder. The learning from this report will be useful in helping to shape Creative Scotland’s framework for artistic and creative assessment which will be developed this year, and in particular for shaping guidance relating to artists working in participatory settings.  This study has been commissioned to provide a foundation for a quality framework for the participatory arts in Scotland, rationalising, synthesising and condensing learning from the body of knowledge extant in the fields of arts, culture and education (and emerging from the Artworks programme), which can inform the development of a guidance toolkit at a later stage.

To read the report, visit the Creative Scotland website.

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