Hurdles to the participation of children, families and young people in museums

Author: Sally Whitaker

Owner Kids in Museums

Date published 2016

This literature review from Kids in Museums identifies and explores the complex mix of hurdles, or barriers, to participation in museums and galleries by children, young people and their families. It also makes a set of recommended actions to begin tackling these issues.

This report is essential reading for anyone planning, delivering or leading services and provision for children and young people in museums, galleries and other arts settings. It makes a particularly useful source of information in support of bids for strategic change and/or funding.

Commissioned by Arts Council England, the report has done the legwork for you, pulling together a wide range of research and data sets.

Our sector has an enormous challenge in being truly inclusive and reaching all children and young people. Whilst this report doesn’t contain all the answers to that challenge, it evidences the challenge and makes the case for action and investment.

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Hurdles to Participation report cover

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