Frances Marshall


Yorkshire and the Humber


Teaching history through drama
Writing/delivering education content
Live Performance and Interpretation
Creating site-specific programmes and events
Women in history
Early Modern drama


Live/costumed interpreter, educator, workshop/content creator and director, across heritage, museums and theatre.

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Over 13 years’ experience of working in heritage, a first class honours degree in Drama from the University of Hull and a postgraduate diploma in Acting. As a live costumed interpreter (mostly for Past Pleasures Ltd.) since 2007, I’ve researched and interpreted characters, from the Anglo-Saxon period through to the 1950s, in large and small scale events as well as long running daily core programmes.

Places worked:

Historic Royal Palaces; Dover Castle and Audley End House (English Heritage); Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown Settlement; Imperial War Museum and Museum of London, as well as many others,

Education Session Creation:

Since 2010 I’ve designed, written and delivered education sessions for schools across HRP for Key Stages 1-4. My interests are particularly in cross-curricular work – e.g. using participation and drama to explore history and citizenship – and in maximizing student agency and empowerment. Two recent KS4 sessions on Elizabeth I and Henry VIII/Reformation were designed not only to engage students in close primary source analysis, but to facilitate them actively and immediately using that knowledge in an exciting ‘council chamber’ debate. I’ve recently trialled taking this cross-curricular work out into schools, working closely with teachers to complement their current teaching. Further sessions are in development.

Family Learning and Participation:

This has been at the heart of several large-scale events I’ve been involved in creating over the years. I wrote and directed the live interpretation for HRP’s Georgian themed ‘Family Festivals’ which ran over the summer of 2014 at Hampton Court, Kensington and Kew palaces. Each included multiple areas where families could participate as a unit in Georgian politics, theatre, manners, dance, science and combat.

Women in History:

I have a passion for illuminating women’s stories in history. Last year ‘Report for Court’ – a nine-day half-term family event at Hampton Court Palace illuminated closely researched but little known female characters alongside more famous ones.

Academic and Practical:

I strongly believe the relationship between the academic and the practical is mutually beneficial. My work with and for Globe Education at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, collaborating with leading academics, has always involved each informing and influencing the other. Bringing that to bear with students and visitors of all ages has proved really exciting and rewarding. For example ‘The Woman Plays’, an evening event for The Royal Collections’ major ‘Charles II’ exhibition in the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace (2018), where I was able to bring both academic and practitioner-based skills together to focus on early English actresses and plays of the Restoration era in a fun, factual and entertaining way.

I can offer education content-creation, development and delivery, both on-site and as outreach. Also specific events or one-off pieces to support a site or exhibition. I’m available as a performer/live interpreter and have bases in both York and London.

If what I’ve said chimes with you and you think I can be of use in whatever capacity, please do feel free to contact me.


Frances Marshall
07709 843294
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