Fair Museum Jobs Career Summit

#FMJSummit with GEM supported by Artfund

Booking and Programme

All events are COMPLETELY FREE to attend, but you do have to book in advance; all booking information can be found on the Fair Museum Jobs Eventbrite

All events will take place on Zoom, and you’ll receive all the communications you need to join closer to the events.

If you’d like to see this as a chart (green for new sessions, orange for the ones we announced on Monday!), click the link below:

You check see the Monday sessions announcement here.

All the links go to the booking page with more information including the panellists we’ve announced!

Monday 23 November

Tuesday 24 November

Wednesday 25 November

Thursday 26 November

Friday 27 November

Saturday 28 November

Sunday 29 November

Code of Conduct

Everyone who participates in the FMJSummit – as a panellist, speaker, attendee or our own FMJ team will all be expect to adhere to our Code of Conduct – click to view our current draft

If you think there’s something missing, please contact us on [email protected]


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