Dealing with Change: Creative Ways to Think, Move and Adapt in Challenging Times

Resources, links and training related to this session.

Exercises / Resources

Below are the exercises and resources featured in the workshop – any questions email Liz on [email protected]

  • Values exercise –  Here is a link to the Values exercise As Liz mentioned it is useful to identify core values as they can help ground you when trying to deal with challenges or make decisions. It is also a good exercise to do with your team – understanding everyone’s values can make you work better together (for instance if you know someone’s values are growth, creativity and hope, then you can present tasks or challenges in a way where they can use or work with their values).
  • Changemaker: AMAZING IF (Squiggly careers) – Being a ChangemakerYou can download podnotes and access podcast here.

Other links / Books

– Book – Who moved my cheese. There is a simple video here if you would prefer

– Squiggly Careers book and Amazing If website

– Growth mindset information

– Chimp Paradox

– Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

– Thinking Fast & Slow – Daniel Kahneman

– Toolkit for Modern Life  – Dr Emma Hepburn (@thepsychologymum)


Workshops & Coaching 

Liz offers a wide range of creative workshops and coaching for individuals and organisations to get you back in your groove. The Autumn programme includes;

  • EAT YOUR FROGS: Prioritising Your Workload in Challenging Times – Wednesday 29th September (7.30 – 9.15pm)
  • DIGITAL DETOX – Making a plan for you – Tuesday 28th September (10 – 11.30am)
  • Group Coaching Course (Join the Dots) – Starting November  (Every Monday evening for 5 weeks)
  • 1 to 1 coaching and Group coaching – These tailored sessions are bespoke for each individual’s focus and needs. Contact Liz on [email protected] for more information. 

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