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Are you seeking a professional looking for work in the museum, heritage or cultural sector? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

GEM’s jobs and opportunities page features employed, contracted and volunteer opportunities across the sector. The ads that we feature on our jobs pages are viewed between 2,000 and 4,500 times.

We’re happy to advertise a wide range of ads for positions and contracts across the sector.

We specialise in posts which are to do with improving visitors’ experiences in some way such as through learning, community engagement, audience research, evaluation, interpretation, design, and activity and strategic planning – to name just a few!

All jobs and opportunities advertised on the GEM website are listed within our searchable listings and have their own individual page. Adverts remain on our website until their application closing date. Your ad will go live quickly too, usually within one working day.

Past advertisers have said:

“I know that the advert will reach people with the required skills and experience.”

“Nice and easy service and putting the roles in front of the right people.”

“It’s one of the recognised places for museum/learning jobs.”

Read on to find out our rates and how to advertise a vacancy with GEM. We encourage employers to refer to the MA Salary Guidelines where possible, and direct those with freelance opportunities to benchmark against the Freelance Day Rate Calculator created by Tom Briggs.

Type of job listing



Listing on the GEM website with logo. (Page visited 40,000x yearly)  🙂  🙂
Listed in the fortnightly LinkedIn Jobs posting (over 2,000 followers).  🙂  🙂
Listed in the GEM members monthly eNews.  🙂  🙂
Tweeted twice through @GEM_jobs when the ad goes “live” and 3 days prior to the closing date (over 1,500 followers). 🙂  🙂
Posted on the GEM JISCMail (over 2,000 subscribers). 🙂 🙂
Featured at the side of the job listing page.  🙂
Featured listing with logo in the fortnightly GEM LinkedIn Jobs posting (over 2,000 followers).  🙂
Featured listing with logo in our monthly GEM eNews.   🙂
Posted on GEM’s Facebook page.   🙂
Retweeted twice from the @GEM_heritage account when the ad goes “live” and 3 days prior to the closing date (over 10,300 followers).   🙂

2024 Rates

Basic listing
GEM members rate: £120
Non-members rate: £206

Featured listing
GEM members rate: £242
Non-members rate: £327


Discounts and offers

We offer special rates for GEM members, so if your organisation is not a member, you can Join GEM at the same time as placing an ad.

We offer the following additional discounts for:

  • Volunteer or unpaid positions: 50% discount
  • Multiple ads: 10% discount for two ads, 15% discount for three or more ads,  20% discount for 5 or more ads.
  • Recruitment agencies can receive a 10% commission discount


How do I place an ad?

Submit your job online

Got a question? Check out our FAQs below or email [email protected]

Electronic bank and credit/debit card payments are welcome, and we can also issue an invoice.



Why does GEM charge for advertising?

Firstly, we feel it’s an opportunity for members to advertise to their fellow heritage sector professionals. By providing members with another platform to reach all other members, we hope to support the membership further by facilitating exchange – which is why all members get a discount on all our advertising opportunities!

Secondly, it serves as a way of generating some much-needed income for GEM, which is exactly what we need to help us continue with our work supporting GEM members and the sector.

How do I book?

Submit your job online


Email [email protected] and let us know:

a) Type of job listing (basic or featured)

b) How do you wish to pay? (please provide invoice details, if required)

c) Job details, which include:
•   Job title
•   Organisation
•   Location
•   Salary/Fee (per annum/pro-rata/hourly/daily/fixed fee)
•   Type (full-time, part-time, consultancy, freelance, volunteer, internship, casual)
•   Closing Date

d) you may also attach a logo and up to 3 downloadable documents.

      e) GEM will not advertise jobs which are below minimum wage or that do not comply with the
disability discrimination act.  If you need any  assistance, GEM is happy to offer a “sense-check”
service. Please get in touch.

When is your copy deadline?

There is no copy deadline, as soon as we receive your booking we can put your job advert online. But you may wish to time your advertisement to coincide with our email newsletter.

  • GEM’s eNews: members only newsletter (last Thursday of each month)
  • GEM’s LinkedIn Jobs posting: every other Thursday.
When will my advert go live?

Once we have received your booking, advertisements are usually added to the website within 24 hours during normal working days. We will send you a link to the advert once it has been published on our website.

How long will the advert be listed on your website for?

Adverts will remain on our website until their closing date.

Can I include an attachment?

We can usually include up to three downloadable documents.  Please email [email protected] with the attachments.

I have two similar jobs, can I book just one advert?

If you are recruiting two identical roles (same job title, salary, description, etc.) at the same time, then you can advertise both in one advert. Otherwise you will need two listings.

Can I make a change to my advert?

The first amendment is included in the cost, any subsequent changes incur a £30 admin fee.

Can I extend my advert?

If your closing date has passed and you wish to reinstate the ad with a different closing date, we do charge a £20 administration fee.

How do I get the members rate?

If the organisation is an institutional member, then it will be eligible for the GEM members’ rate. We also normally accept personal members who are freelancers/consultants to advertise at the members’ rate on behalf of a client.

Can we check if our organisation is a GEM member?

Yes, just email us at [email protected] or call us on 01634 816 280.

Do you give commission to recruitment agencies?

Yes, we give a 10% discount to bona fide recruitment agencies.

Can we pay by invoice?

We can issue an invoice on receipt of a purchase order number, or if you are an officially established group or organisation.

Can we pay by credit/debit card?

Yes, over the phone on 01634 816 280. Please note, we do not charge for credit card payments.

Can we pay you by bank transfer?

Yes. You can request an invoice, on which GEM’s bank details will appear.

We are a large organisation and have various sites across the UK, can we get a members’ discount if one of our sites is a member?

It is GEM’s membership policy that large organisations with multiple sites are required to have a membership for each site, as this is fairer to smaller organisations. Therefore, if your site in which the job is based does not have a membership with GEM, unfortunately you will not be eligible for members’ discount.

Can I advertise my freelance role with GEM?

Yes! GEM has a thriving membership of museum freelancers, including those in learning, engagement, evaluation, illustration and more. You can learn more about our GEM Freelancers on the Suppliers directory.

If you’re unsure as to whether you’ve set a fair rate for your freelance opportunity, in order to attract the most skilled applicants, please take a look at the Freelance Day Rate Calculator created by Tom Briggs. You can also contact [email protected] for a sense check.

Does GEM regulate its jobs advertised?

GEM will not post an ad that is considered illegal or below minimum wage. However, GEM does not check the content or accuracy of job information provided by employers. GEM encourages employers to follow the MA Salary Guidelines and organisations in London to pay the London Living Wage.

What is a per annum, pro rata salary?

If your job is a part-time role (anything below 35 hours per week), then GEM normally quotes the full-time equivalent salary as “per annum, pro rata”. The actual salary can go in brackets after the full-time equivalent per annum, pro rata salary. For example, it would look like this: “£24,000 per annum, pro rata (£12,000)”.

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