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GEM’s Case Studies is produced twice yearly in magazine format, during Spring and Autumn. Case Studies allows those working in heritage education to share examples of good practice and challenges so that others may benefit from the lessons learned.

All GEM members receive our Case Studies two weeks before they are available on our website. Case Studies are delivered in a digital format, but print on demand will be available.

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GEM produces two editions of Case Studies a year. This publication goes out to all GEM members, sharing projects and practice from across the heritage learning sector. It is a great way to shout about your work and get bitesize, inspiring updates on practice to spark ideas, solve problems and invite professional collaboration.

The next edition of the Case Studies will be focused on Reimagining Engagement and will feature the work of the Art Fund Reimagine Grant holders. If you have previously received this grant and would like to share the project you and your team developed using the funding, submit your Case Study suggestion form to Katya by 22 January 2024.


GEM Case Studies #31, Social Impact

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We are delighted to share the new edition of our Case Studies. Issue 32 is dedicated to Social Impact.

These case studies showcase the meaningful impact museums can have on society, addressing critical social issues and fostering positive change. We hope that this edition will encourage new ideas, collaborations and initiatives in your practice

A huge thank you to all contributors for sharing their knowledge and insights with our community.



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If you are interested in sponsoring Case Studies with your own special edition, please contact GEM by email at [email protected] or phone 01634 816 280.

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