GEM Rising Leaders programme 2023-24

Information for Applicants

Are you interested in working towards a senior leadership position? Maybe you’re a head of department or a new senior leader and would like some support as you navigate your way through new ways of thinking and taking that next step?

If this describes you then the Rising Leaders programme maybe just what you need.

What will be covered?

· Learning organisations and how to run them

· Models of leadership

· Governance, trusts and local authorities

· Know your numbers, finance and dashboards

· Focusing on what matters

· Navigating difficult conversations

· Understanding your mission, purpose and strategy

· Values mission and alignment

· Wellbeing and compassionate leadership

· Getting strategic with ten-year plans

· Museum learning and all that

· Mapping your networks

· Your forward plan and next steps

Added extras

Optional mentoring and/or tutorials will be available throughout this programme upon request.

How much does it cost?

£495 for GEM Members; £590 for non-GEM Members

When is it?

Thursday 28th September 10am until 12.30pm                                                    Zoom Workshops

Thursday 12th October 10am until 12.30pm

Thursday 26th October 10am until 12.30pm

Thursday 9th November 10am until 12.30pm

Thursday 23rd November 10am until 12.30pm

Thursday 7th December 12pm – Friday 8th December 4pm                       High Trenhouse, Malham.

Thursday 14th December 10am until 12.30pm                                                     Zoom Workshops

Thursday 4th January 10am until 12.30pm

Thursday 18th January 10am until 12.30pm

Thursday 1st February 10am until 12.30pm

Thursday 15th February 10am until 12.30pm

Course leaders

Nick Winterbotham & Melissa Maynard

To apply, fill out this form.

Applications close in mid July 2023.

Successful applicants will be notified by the end of July 2023.


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