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Are you seeking to showcase your training or event to museum and heritage learning professionals?

We’re happy to advertise a wide-range of training and events, it could be an online course, one-day workshop, conference, networking event, or training course.

All training and events advertised on the GEM website are listed within our searchable events calendar and have their own individual page.

Read on to find out our rates and how to advertise your training or event.

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20% discount for GEM members

£40 for up to 6 weeks
£50 for up to 12 weeks
£60 for up to 24 weeks

Listing on the GEM website  🙂  🙂
Short listing in the GEM members monthly eNews.  Includes: title, organisation, date & location  🙂  🙂
Featured listing in the fortnightly GEM LinkedIn events update.  Includes: title, organisation, date & location, cost & summary (& photo if provided)    🙂
Featured listing in the GEM members monthly eNews.  Includes: title, organisation, date & location, cost & summary (& photo if provided)    🙂
Tweeted twice from our @gem_heritage Twitter (over 9,500 followers).    🙂
Posted on GEM’s Facebook page.    🙂
Can include up to 2 attachments on your listing.    🙂
Can include a photo on your listing, which will be included in all email newsletters and social media posts.    🙂

Discounts and offers

We do offer special discounts to GEM members, so if your organisation is not a member, you can Join GEM at the same time as placing an ad.

We offer the following additional discounts for GEM members:

  • Featured listings: 20% discount
  • Multiple event listings: 10% discount for two events, 15% discount for three or more.

How do I book a listing?

Submit your event online



Why does GEM charge for advertising?

Firstly, we feel it’s an opportunity for members to advertise to their fellow GEM heritage sector professionals. By providing members with another platform to reach all other members, we hope to support the membership further by facilitating exchange – which is why all members get a discount on all our advertising opportunities!

Secondly, it serves as a way of generating some much-needed income for GEM, which is exactly what we need to help us continue with our work supporting GEM members and the sector.

How do I book?

Submit your event online

Which of GEM’s core competencies does my event mainly apply to? And at what level?

GEM has 11 core competencies, under the categories: reflective thinking, technical practice and building relationships.  They are divided across three levels of experience; foundation, intermediate and leading/advanced.  These will be used as tags along with your listing, so they can be searched easily by those seeking that type of training or event.

When placing an event, please identify a core competency that reflects what your event focuses on and at what level the event is for.  For example, if you were running a one-day workshop on an “Introduction to Museum Learning”, you might decide that the “Sector Context” competency best suited your event type and was at a “Foundation” level.

Below is a summary of GEM’s core competencies.  Find out more about our core competencies on our CPD page.

Reflective Thinking

  • Sector context
    Understands and references the organisational, regional and national contexts for heritage learning – eg educational, health, environmental, social.
  • Audiences/users
    Understands the range and needs of different heritage users and non-users.
  • Heritage context
    Understands the role, purpose and accountabilities of the heritage sector.
  • Professional development
    Reflects on and develops own practice and contributes to the development of others.

Technical Practice

  • Pedagogy
    Organises and delivers high quality, professional, educational activities, inspired by museum collections and heritage sites, that follow best practice.
  • Project Management
    Plans and implements projects and programmes that develop and enhance learning opportunities for users and non-users.
  • Sustainability & efficiency
    Uses resources efficiently and develops sustainable learning programmes.

Building Relationships

  • Communications
    Communicates effectively with users, non-users and stakeholders to engage, educate, influence and advocate.
  • Collaboration
    Works productively and creatively with others to enable and enhance learning opportunities.
  • Consultation
    Empathises, enquires and negotiates effectively to assess needs, agree programmes and engage partners.
  • Management & leadership
    Manages the heritage learning workforce to deliver high quality, professional learning programmes.


Which level is your training or event is aimed at? 

Foundation, Experienced or Leading. 

Check out our core competencies to see which level your event would be best suited for.

When will my listing go live?

All event listings are moderated once they are submitted online. We try to post your listing as soon as possible during normal working hours, please make sure all required details are submitted.  As missing details may cause a delay.

You may wish to time your listing start date to coincide with our email newsletter and LinkedIn jobs post.

  • GEM’s LinkedIn Jobs update  (Every second and fourth Friday of the month)
  • GEM’s LinkedIn Events update (Every first and third Friday of the month)
  • GEM’s eNews: members only newsletter (last working day of each month)

If you have paid for a featured ad, we will send you a link to the listing once it has been published on our website.

How long will my event be listed on your website for?

Training and event listings will remain on our website until their chosen closing date.  The cost depends on the type of listing and how long you wish for it to be live for. You can choose to advertise your event for up to 24 weeks as a featured listing.

Can I include an attachment?

Only paid featured listings can include up to two attachments.

Can I include a photo?

Only paid featured listings can include a photo.

I have two similar events, can I book just one listing?

If you are advertising two identical training courses or events that share the same title and description, but for example vary in location and dates, then you can advertise both in one advert. Otherwise, you will need two listings.

Can I make a change to my event listing after it’s live?

We are happy to make reasonable minor changes to your advert whilst it is live.

Can I take my event listing down before its closing date?

We can take your event listing down at any time.  Email us with the details at [email protected].

How do I get the member discount on featured ads?

If the training or event provider is an institutional or personal member, then it will be eligible for the GEM members’ discount. We also normally accept personal members who are freelancers/consultants to advertise with the members’ discount on behalf of a client, or agencies advertising on behalf of a client who are GEM members.

Can we pay by invoice?

We can issue an invoice on receipt of a purchase order number, or if you are an officially established group or organisation.

Can we pay by credit/debit card?

Yes, over the phone on 01634 853 424.  Please note, we do not charge for credit card payments.


Can we pay you by bank transfer?

Yes. You can request an invoice, on which GEMs bank details will appear.

Is GEM registered for VAT?


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