GEM Conference 2023: Keynotes

Paul Barnard, Chatham Historic Dockyard: Ambitious and Quality Learning Programmes at Chatham Historic Dockyard

Emmie Kell, Arts Council England: How Learning in Museums Can Be at the Heart of Arts Council’s Strategy “Let’s Create”

Sam Cairns, Art Fund: Teacher Art Pass

Gary Younge, University of Manchester: Making the Relevant Relatable: Windrush and the NHS

Dr Bernadette Lynch: “We Are Agents of Our Own Change”: Museums and Solidarity in Action

Prof Richard Sandell, University of Leicester, E – J Scott, Museum of Transology: Guidance on Trans-inclusive Practice for UK Museums, Galleries and Heritage Organisations

Paul Cowell, Medway Council: “Culture Makes the Place” – How Strategic Partnerships, Creativity and Community Engagement Can Contribute to Place Making

Sam Allen, Creative Arts Social: Being Ambitious About Anti-Racism

David Cutler, the Baring Foundation, Clara Shield, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums: Creatively Minded at the Museum

Michael Maddison, Heritage Education Trust: Inclusive, Quality Programmes For All – How the Sandford Award Can Help

Panel Discussion: Catherine Ritman Smith (Young V&A), Holly Rumble (University of Dundee), Nicola Wallis (The Fitzwilliam Museum), Jane Sillis (Engage): Early Years – the Best Investment

Stuart McLeod, NLHF: Heritage 2033: Investing in Inclusion, Access and Participation Over the Next 10 Years

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