GEM Conference 2023: Members’ Presentations

Katie Cassells, Royal Museums Greenwich: Building Safe Spaces for all, with all

Rebecca Olajide, Madeline Stanley, Science Museum Group: Playful Science Learning Through Children’s Storybooks

Hanouf Al-Alawi, Katie Douglas, The British Museum: Co-production with Young People: an equitable and inclusive model?

Louise Rice, National Museums Northern Ireland: Up Close and Professional – transforming engagement with teachers

Emma Talbot, Dorset Museum: This is Now – Radical Work Experience with Dorset Museum

Helen Creber, Kettle’s Yard: ART NOW – amplifying SEND student voice and agency with Kettle’s Yard

Gabriella Codastefano, The Brunel Museum: Sophia’s Story – How the Brunel Museum is tackling stereotyping and representation

Eliana Mendelsohn, The Jewish Museum: Inclusive Judaism: From Communities to Classrooms

Helen Otterwell, Jersey Heritage: From ambition to action – starting from scratch

Amy Hoose, the Ashmolean: Bringing up Baby: Creating a Museum Social Prescription Programme Centred on Babies and their Carers

Lauren Campbell, University of Glasgow/Open Mind-Ed/Royal Cornwall Museum: Can self-led museum learning experiences cultivate feeling connected and mindfulness amongst adult visitors?

Tom Briggs, TKB Maths & Museums: Ambitious & Inclusive: The Potential Role of Museums & Galleries in Improving Attitudes towards Mathematics

Sophie Ransby, Clare Wood, Southbank Centre: Southbank Centre Future Exhibition Makers: Opening Up Visual Arts and Heritage,

Ceri Fox, Annette McCartney, Historic Royal Palaces: Nature for Nurture: building wellbeing and resilience through school gardening

Michelle Moubarak, Beaney House of Art and Knowledge/ Canterbury City Council: Balancing Competing Values in Museums

Meridith Towne: Right Costume, Right Place: Engagement and Inclusion Through Costume

Sarah Mellor, the Deep: Assessing public learning and the link to public engagement

Hannah Jones, Thackray Museum of Medicine: All Change!- A biology and PSHCE workshop

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