Inspiring Learning for All

Author: Arts Council

Owner Arts Council

Date published 2008 & 2014

The Inspiring Learning for All Framework was launched in 2008 by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA). It was initially created as a self-help tool to enable museums, libraries and archives to develop their learning offer.

More broadly, it provides a performance improvement framework, promotes best practice, and helps organisations to assess and evidence the impact of their activities.

In 2011, the framework transferred to the Arts Council along with a number of other MLA functions.

In 2014, the Arts Council sponsored a refresh of the framework, with an emphasis on:

  • retaining and refreshing the many valued and well-used aspects of the Framework
  • broadening its potential user-base to incorporate the wider art and cultural community
  • removing potentially misleading links to now redundant government policies
  • identifying area of alignment with the current art and cultural landscape – including the Arts Council’s 10-year strategic framework and priorities

To explore a range of guidance and resources, visit the Arts Council website.

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