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GEM Freelance Network

The GEM Freelance Network exists to support all freelancers working within the heritage world. We network, keep in touch and, provide talks and workshops that cover all necessary areas to consider as a freelancer, or when thinking about starting a freelance career, such as, pensions, tax, contracts, clients and more.

We keep in touch via our WhatsApp group (see GEM Freelance Forum below) to ensure conversation remains relevant and current to all.

GEM Freelance Forum

The GEM Freelance Forum Whatsapp group came about as a direct suggestion following the first Freelance Coffee Afternoon in March 2021. The group is a way for freelancers to connect and share thoughts about future training needs, and how GEM can effectively and relevantly support freelance members.

GEM Freelance welcome new members to join the group and connect with others in a similar position to themselves, sharing knowledge and experiences and supporting one-another. You must be a GEM Member to join, find out more about GEM Freelancer / Supplier Membership here.

To join the GEM Freelance Forum please email [email protected] with a request to be added.

Please note that by joining this group you agree to adhere to the GEM WhatsApp Guidelines. Read the GEM WhatsApp Guidelines here.

Upcoming training and events

GEM Freelance are currently planning a series of events, where museum and heritage freelancers can get together to discuss ‘hot topics’, from knowing your value as a freelancer, to developing a team of associates.

Please look out for updates on these sessions on the GEM Twitter: @gem_heritage 

Dr Ellie Pridgeon

Director, Consultant Archivist
Consultant Archivist
Tel: 07890 244489
Ellie is a professional archivist and heritage / learning consultant, with a specialism in museums, universities, and performing arts. She has been working in the heritage sector for 25 years, and since becoming freelance in 2013, has undertaken consultancy work for over 70 organisations and clients in the UK and beyond. In her spare time Ellie plays the fiddle (along with several other instruments), and enjoys running, walking and swimming.

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