GEM is happy to welcome four new board members, Caroline Marcus, Richard Bruce, Sarah Cowie, and Essex Havard.  We are also pleased that Kathryn Moore (a previous trustee) was elected to the role of Deputy Chair.

The elected board members are:
•   Caroline Marcus (Chair)
•   Kathryn Moore (Deputy Chair)
•   Richard Bruce (Treasurer)
•   Sarah Cowie (Trustee)
•   Essex Havard (Trustee)

Trustees remaining on the Board are:
•   Sue Pope (elected trustee)
•   Alison Giles (co-opted trustee)

The following board members retired at the AGM:
•   John Stevenson (Chair)
•   Anra Kennedy (Deputy Chair)
•   Izzy Mohammed (co-opted Trustee)

Find out more about our newly elected trustees and current board on the trustees’ page of our website.


What is the GEM Board?
GEM is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.  It is run by a Board of nine Trustees.  The Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer and three other Trustees are elected by members and the Board can co-opt up to three further Trustees.  There are currently two vacancies for co-opted trustees.  A Trustee may serve for two three-year terms, after which one year must elapse before re-election.  Each year one third of the Trustees must retire.