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Mathematics teaching, learning & communication
STEM workshop, activity & resource development
Museum education consultancy
Online and digital learning
Maths in museums!


Qualified mathematics teacher and experienced STEM-focused museum educator who loves finding out more about the mathematical stories that run through every part of history.

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I have a degree in mathematics with astronomy and hold QTS. I recently completed a PgCert in Digital Leadership and I am part-way through a Master’s in Education.


  • 7+ years classroom teaching experience in Secondary schools plus prior experience as a primary school teaching assistant
  • 7+ years as Learning manager at Bletchley Park, where I developed, updated and delivered the astonishingly popular Enigma Outreach programme and contributed to various aspects of the on-site programme, not least the mathematical content (which I am very proud to say we won awards for!)

Specialisms in more detail

  • Mathematics teaching, learning & Communication

Every museum’s story has a seam of mathematics running through its core. If you are yet to find it, let me help you tap into this rich source of learning material which is especially useful if you’re trying to build your Secondary School audience.

  • STEM workshop, activity & resource development

Richly cross-curricular and very much in demand at all levels, STEM activities are a must for any learning programme. Rather than resorting to the same old thing that everyone is doing, I can identify the STEM themes specific to your story – and you know I won’t miss out the “M”!

  • Museum education consultancy

For larger or broader museum learning consultancy projects I work with other freelancers as part of Kate Travers Associates. Together we have completed successful Learning Programme reviews for museums in Leicester, Sheffield and Nottingham, including consulting with users and non-users. We have also developed learning activities and workshops to support existing and upcoming exhibitions.

  • Online and digital learning

Modern museums are prolific producers of digital media: podcasts, videos, social media content, for example, but very rarely are these recognised for their full educational potential, instead enjoying a brief moment in the limelight before disappearing into the depths of a museum. I can consult on ways to take advantage of the wealth of existing material probably already available via your own website.

I have also created interactive online courses, such as this one for the Open University about how to create interactive online courses.

  • Maths in museums!

There is definitely mathematics in your story. Find out more here.



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