Art Responders




  • Arts learning specialist (all ages)
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum designer
  • Restorative justice/equitable representation
  • Life science/ecology & art programming
  • Curation, community arts exhibitions/events


Art Responders is a socially engaged arts organisation dedicated to creating vital arts participation as a conduit to educational opportunity, well being, and social justice. We honor the creative potential of young people, families and adults through innovative arts learning linking visual arts with inclusive cross-curricular projects towards a more diverse and equitable arts representation in the UK and internationally.


More Details

Daryl Elaine Stenvoll-Wells is an artist, educator, and community arts organizer with over 20 years of experience in the field.  In 2013 she founded Art Responders as a forum for sharing artists’ responses to police brutality, and in 2016 she curated the exhibition VIRAL: 25 Years from Rodney King.  Since then Art Responders’ mission has expanded to include a broader mission of developing cultural engagement projects with a social justice focus, as well as creating more equitable learning programmes for diverse communities through an interdisciplinary restorative justice framework.

Daryl currently designs programmes for Brent and Ealing Libraries, Peckham Platform, and other local charities and GLAM sector institutions.


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