Take 5 Engagement CIC Ltd.


South East


  • Tactile engagement opportunities
  • Sensory focus to activities
  • Accessible for all
  • Creating memorable craft experiences
  • Fun take-home materials


Take 5 Engagement is a not for profit initiative to connect people to written heritage materials through multi-sensory means, based on at least five senses, run by Victoria Stevens, and accredited library and archive conservator. It is aimed at people who may experience barriers – both physically and conceptually – to accessing archive and historical collections but is relevant and applicable to all. No one is excluded and sessions for a mixed, family audience are encouraged!

Formed around a series of five practical, accessible and essentially fun workshops, the aim is to break down the concept of the book or an archive into its component parts: paper, media, structural materials, decoration, with each session approached in a very tactile way. The practical sessions are supported with a wide variety of materials and equipment designed with heightened sensory engagement in mind.

The aim is to take all these elements and journey with the participants from the raw ingredients to their own completed book, showing how each component is made and how they interact to form the finished object. The full programme ends with a big finale: a properly staged exhibition of all the wonderful objects created and everyone’s fabulous achievements.

Each workshop is a learning and engagement journey in its own right, and doesn’t have to be slotted together into the whole programme to make sense or be meaningful. It can also link to key stage goals and be tailored to meet individual requirements of the participants. The programme may also be delivered online, with additional sessions on magic and invisible writing, letter locking, foraging for natural dyes, jelly printing and homemade photography planned.

More Details

DBS checked
All materials and equipment provided
Based in the south east, but UK wide service


Victoria Stevens ACR
Phone:     07999508058
Email:      [email protected]
Twitter:  @TactileAccess


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