The Authentic Spark


Yorkshire and the Humber


Coaching & mentoring.
Training in interpretive planning.
Training in interpretive writing.
Training in audience development.
Interpretive script-writing.
Developing organisations & projects.


Personal and professional development for individuals and teams through coaching, mentoring and training. Consultancy and script-writing services also available.

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Creator, connector, coach
I am the Authentic Spark…
I work with people in the heritage sector who want to be inspired, challenged and excited by their own potential and the potential of their projects, teams or organisations.

I have a power, a super power to help you see the connections between ideas and opportunities, to step beyond the challenges and barriers, and to let you find your SPARK, of creativity, of passion, of energy and motivation. Through coaching, mentoring and training I can help you to discover your true strengths and to use them to develop yourself, personally and professionally.

Coaching and mentoring
Through coaching I provide a space in which you can just think, ask yourself the questions you need to explore, debunk your myths and challenge your perspectives. I use creative, engaging tools, as well as good old-fashioned listening skills to support you in your journey.

The key to it all is you. You have all the resources you need. What The Authentic Spark will do is support you to find the authentic you, understand your strengths and challenge your limiting beliefs. To learn more about how The Authentic Spark has coached and mentored individuals.

As a Heritage Lottery Fund Resilient Heritage Mentor, I provide also mentoring to organisations to guide them through their projects.

The Authentic Spark runs a variety of events providing an introduction to coaching and opportunities to network and make new connections. Visit or @authenticspark on Facebook to see the latest events.

I am the Course Director for GEM/AHI Intermediate Course in Heritage Interpretation providing regular 6 week courses in interpretive planning – search the GEM website for the next available course.

The Authentic Spark provides training for a wide range of organisations including for example:

• Providing interactive training sessions for volunteers in planning and writing interpretive graphics scripts and Burnby Hall, Pocklington
• Bespoke interpretive planning and writing workshop for The Woodland Trust
• Interpretive writing workshops for North West Museums Development and Museums Development Yorkshire
• Providing facilitated workshop and training in tender preparation for One Agency, Manchester

I work with organisations to help them see the bigger picture, develop their vision or define and detail their project scope. This includes support for preparation of visions, masterplans and forward plans and the development HLF bid applications.


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Mob: 07989 656 690
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Twitter: @authentic_spark

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